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Grind Season group classes are by far the best around. We offer HIP HOP Classes like Xtreme Hip Hop, which is a modernized version of a step aerobic class, and Hip Hop cardio Kickboxing that will have you turned up and ready for more.

We also offer GRIND Classes, which include Grind Bootcamp, a class that will challenge you physically & Mentally and Men’s & Women’s strength and conditioning, a class that will get you stronger and build more size.

Classes that will be coming soon are Zumba, yoga, and cognitive learning.

Grindseason Classes

Xtreme Hip Hop

Xtreme Hip Hop is a modernized version of a step aerobic class designed to help raise your heart rate and lose some of that extra body fat.

Hip Hop Cardio Kickboxing

Hip Hop Cardio Kickboxing is the perfect mix of High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) and endurance to create the perfect workout for knocking out those unwanted pounds.

GRIND Bootcamp

GRIND Bootcamp is a hybrid training of strength, speed, endurance, and willpower. A class that gets takes the maximum effort and gets maximum results! Perfect for shredding, bulking, losing weight, and more!

Men's Strength Training

Guys! Most of us want an athletic build. The only way to make that work is by pushing weights. Get stronger, get bigger, and get shredded with our Men's Strength Training.

Women's Strength Training

Ladies! Imagine the feeling of looking in the mirror and not being frustrated with what is looking back at you. Strength training helps you get exactly what you are looking for by shredding extra fat, gaining muscle, and changing your body composition to fit your ideal look.
People dancing in a fitness class

Zumba - Coming Soon

Zumba is fast, fun, and great fitness! This latin-dance inspired workout program is extremely popular and is a great way for those who "hate working out" to get the burn they need!

Yoga - Coming Soon

Yoga is not only a great way to relax your mind, body, and soul, but also a great way to build strength and balance in a lower-intensity workout.
cognitive fitness

Cognitive Learning - Coming Soon

The brain is the one thing we actually rarely think about when it comes to fitness, but the truth is that the brain is a muscle and that muscle needs to get its workouts in as well. Our Cognitive Learning Classes are made for thinking faster, reacting better, and helping your brain get its job done smoothly.