“My Grind

Don’t Stop!”

About Grind Season

Grind Season is a personal training studio located in Mount Pleasant Wisconsin.  Our mission is to have a lasting impact in our clients lives by sharing our knowledge and love for health and fitness.  It is understood that we have the chance to change someone’s life forever. So we pride ourselves on customer service and results.  We will deliver the best possible fitness and nutrition solutions and provide a fun and safe atmosphere for all clients.


I need outside motivation occasionally. GrindSeason gives it to me plus a little extra. I’ve come a long ways but to get over the top, I’m going to need DJ.

Frank Meija

DJ is awesome, the first week of training he noticed I wasn’t using my back muscles to lift and I was always hunched over. After a few weeks, my back was stronger and my posture was much better.

Tom Wagner

Progress, not perfection...They very professional and is constantly keeping you on your toes of what’s coming next!

Mari Hernandez

DJ is really easy to work with, easy to talk to, and very professional.

Morgan Hagen