Personal Training

1-on-1 Training To Maximize Results

Feeling burnt out with your current at home workout routine?
Do you need help setting personal health and fitness goals?
Are you trying to have a HOT GIRL summer?
Has you health decreased as you got older?
Are you trying to be an example to your kids?
Are you struggling with getting past the next level?

Working with a GrindSeason Personal Trainer will help you.

Our 3 Steps To Results


GrindSeason Trainers use the assessment as a chance to see where your fitness level is and to reveal a movement dysfunction that could cause injury. Before we get into any advanced lifts, we focus on the mobility of our clients to improve their everyday life.

Establish Your Goals

From sitting down and talking about your goals to a customized workout program, GrindSeason personal trainers are dedicated to finding away to motivate, and give you all the keys you need to your goal.

Measure & Track

GrindSeason trainers is ideal for all fitness levels and backgrounds. Our qualified trainers can help you add variety to your exercise program, learn the correct and proper way to lift and also give you a nutrition plan towards your goal.

What’s is included in a Grindseason Fitness assessment?

1. Tour of the facility and equipment overview to help understand how we will help.
2. Weight and Body Fat Measurements to measure your results.
3. A personalized timeline to achieve your goals and to know what it will take.
4. Assessment of your current fitness level to create a workout plan
5. We schedule a FREE Personal Training session to show you how it all works!

Train with the best in the business.

D.J. Smith

Owner and Personal Trainer

Will Norwood

Personal Trainer

Titonaro (Ti) Bumpus

Sports Performance Coach

Kris Camargo

Personal Trainer

D.J. Smith,  Will Norwood, and Titonaro Bumpus have all been high-level athletes that have committed their careers to help athletes get college scholarships and reach the top of their sports and help everyday people achieve their ideal physical goals, whether weight gain, weight loss, or more detailed goals, GrindSeason is where the “magic” happens.

Between Will, Ti, and DJ, there aren’t enough fingers to begin counting on how many scholarship athletes have been trained, not enough fingers for weight management clients who have broken down their walls and achieved their goals, and not enough fingers for lives that have been changed in the Sothern Wisconsin and Northern Illinois communities.

Come check out GrindSeason and chat with us about what you are looking to achieve, we would love to hear from you.

Come On Board

Personal Training Options

Red Membership Pricing

4 Sessions/Month

$54/Per Session
$ 216 Per Month

8 Sessions/Month

$49.50/Per Session
$ 396 Per Month

12 Sessions/Month

$45/Per Session
$ 540 Per Month

Black Membership Pricing

4 Sessions/Month

$57/Per Session
$ 228 Per Month

8 Sessions/Month

$52.25/Per Session
$ 418 Per Month

12 Sessions/Month

$47.50/Per Session
$ 570 Per Month

Grey Membership Pricing

4 Sessions/Month

$60/Per Session
$ 240 Per Month

8 Sessions/Month

$55/Per Session
$ 440 Per Month

12 Sessions/Month

$50/Per Session
$ 600 Per Month