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What’s so special about

Grind Season?

1-on-1 personalized workouts with a certified personal trainer that is designed to teach you how to eat, understand cardio, and improve strength safely. We focus on the three most important components in fitness: nutrition, cardio, and resistance training.


We make sure it’s understood what is good and what’s not good to eat.  We calculate the exact BMR so we can create a customized nutritional program to have your health improving meal by meal.

Resistance Training

We make sure that every move you make is a safe one.  We assess you by doing a movement screen, so we can customize your resistance program that will have you stronger in no time.


We make sure that every minute of cardio our clients do will be worth it.  We calculated the exact max heartrate so we can create a customized cardio program that will have you burning fat fast.

GrindSeason changes lives...GrindSeason Personal Training is awesome. DJ is genuinely concerned for every client’s fitness and wellness. He is also dedicated to helping you achieve your goals and giving you that extra push when you feel unmotivated. As one of my goals is to lose weight, in just one week I have lost 5 lbs. His methods for dieting and training regimens are proving to be effective in my life. I definitely recommend GrindSeason to anyone looking to improve their life in fitness and wellness with a dedicated, encouraging trainer such as DJ.

Tiamias Johnson

Progress, not perfection...I’ve been training with DJ for two years now and I have no intention of stopping anytime soon. He is always there to support you when you need it. He is very professional and is constantly keeping you on your toes of what’s coming next!

Mari Hernandez

Saved my Life...As a senior citizen, I am amazed at the results of working with a personal trainer. My strength, balance and health are much improved. My trainer, DJ, challenges and inspires me each week. I truly believe I will live a longer and better quality of life. Saved my life!

Shiela Kerley

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